TBP Take Five

TBP Take Five

19.10 / 100 gram(s)
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1 kg = 191.00 €
1 kg = 191.00 €

„Take Five“ – take a five-minute break. "Take Five" is not only the title of a famous jazz classic but also the name of this Virginia Ready Rubbed blend. Who would not know the vibrant rhythm and the playful tunes by song-writer and saxophonist Paul Desmond? This piece by Dave Brubeck and his quartet came to fame all around the world; their interpretation will remain unforgotten.

A Virginia Honeydew Flake forms the basis of this "Take Five" Ready Rubbed Flakes. It has been mixed with White Burley, a little Black Cavendish and assorted Virginias as loose cut.
A prominent, spicy and floral aromatization in connection with the syrupy Virginia flake make this blend a special kind of smoking pleasure. A slightly fruity lemon aroma forms the distinctive charm and character, almost demanding for a break and relaxation. "Take Five“ – take a five-minute break. It is a pleasure for fans of sweeter tobacco who appreciate top quality.

...At times it is folly to hasten at other times, to delay. The wise do everything in its proper time. (Ovid)

Nicotine: 3 

Aromatisation: Honey / Lemon / Rose Oil / Clove / Cherry

Flavor: 4 (Aromatisation)

Chart: 1 (light) to 6 (strong)

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