OWB Director`s Cut

OWB Director`s Cut

22.40 / 100 gram(s)
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1 kg = 224.00 €
1 kg = 224.00 €



If you are talking about traditional tobacco blending, twisted tobacco has to be mentioned. In

former times, tobacco was spun into an endless roll and then cut in order to increase durability.

Nowadays this special production process only plays a significant role with regard to taste.
The traditional Virginia/Perique Curly Cut forms its basis, being in prime condition as a rope,

before cut into curlies. The very expressive and sweet Virginia grades in connection with a

strong Perique core of the Curly Cuts make an interesting blend, together with the Burley grades

and the sugary Virginia Loose Cut. Underlining the robust and elemental character of this

Director's Cut, a whiff of fire-cured Virginia renders the final touch to this blend.The result is a

slightly sweet and spicy blend, surprising with tremendous varieties in taste. The Director's Cut is
attractive for those who are looking for the very special taste adventure. …strong, spicy, multi-layered


Nicotine: 4 

Aromatisation: -- 

Flavor: natural

Chart: 1 (light) to 6 (strong)

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